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News About Myself. 0

I’m learning every day even if I do PHP since 2002-2003 (I don’t remember dates very well :P) and what I must say is that I’m going to make some nice pieces of code in the next… let’s say… summer. Well, what do you want, I’m a busy guy and school and my job are […]

Look Ma! I’m Certified! 0

Today I just received an e-mail from which told me that I successfully passed the certification exam at the PHP Québec 2005 Conference. The funny thing is that I felt asleep during the test and altough I took 1.5 hours (we have 3 hours max to do it), I passed it. The next thing […]

A lil project of my own 0

During the PHP Québec 2005 conference, I had a very intense need to code. Anything. I would even code my own news module, but it would be useless. Unless, o’ course, I start to use some PEAR packages which would be new to me. Anyway, I decided to help some friends of mine and me […]