School’s almost done

The end of this school year approches very fast. I made up a nice list of quotes that reminds me something that appened this year. It goes like this in a disorganized order (note that some of them are in french and that some of them shouldn’t ring a bell to you because you don’t have the context) :

  • Your friendship is a fog that disappear when wind redirects you — RATM
  • Have you considered growing a a moustache ? — Stewie Griffin
  • Y as-tu déjà goûté ? — Pis toé ? — Max
  • Cet étudiant que je suis en train de détruire… — S.L.
  • J’ai eu un amour essentiel causé par un manque ; j’ai eu un manque essentiel causé par un amour — Max
  • Pour l’inter-opérabilité, le couplage lâche c’est LE principe qu’il faut adopter — ?
  • Being different is being yourself — A jerk (imho)
  • I wish I could say the way things are — An angry man
  • J’ai été parresseuse […] j’ai pas été checker — S.L.
  • (this one goes with the previous one) […] ça aurait été plus brillant! — S.L.
  • Can’t stop the spirits when they need you. This life is more than just a read through — RHCP
  • Vive le conformisme! Écrivons notre nom comme les autres le font — Max
  • Théoriquement nécessaire, mais pratiquement pas utile. — L.A.
  • J’exprime mes émotions !!! — Max
  • Il a su mourir pour… le CANADA — Mononc’ Serge

Of course, since the semester ends by June the 20th, I have plenty of time to find out more quotes. I’ll edit this post if it occurs.

  • Stevenzorz

    Hehe, nice collection. Too bad most of them need the context to be fully understood. 5th one is most probably from the UML teacher, funny nonetheless. That’s only 3 weeks left… the “rush” shall begin soon..

    Let’s hope for more!

  • I hardly agree on the point that most of them (the quotes) need a context. I mean, isn’t funny to heard nor to by ask about if you’ve considered growing a moustache ? I think it is 😛

    Furter more, the one from RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers for uncultured folks or people that do not listen to funk) as for the one from RATM (Rage Against The Machine) can really inspire whoever needs to ear that.

    Finally, I’d say that we MUST all die for… CANADA! (as sarcastic as Mononc’ Serge is). 😉
    Enjoy! and let the rush begin