It’s been 25 years

May 20th, 1980, the first referendum for a sovereign Quebec failed. I’m too young to remember that, of course, but I can express my deception. I don’t want to make a post filled with arguments against the “No”, but I just want the René Lévesque’s spirit to live again. He was a great man who came up with a great idea : a Quebec, a country. Unfortunately, this hasn’t append yet.

Things has changed since 1980, the goal isn’t the same but the action to arrive for this purpose is the same. The actual leader of the Parti Québécois, Bernard Landry, is now convinced that we will split from the rest of the Canada with the next referendum.

The debate is still there and people don’t seem to be that conscientized. This is a sad thing because if the result is “Yes”, the future of the province of Quebec would do a U-turn. All I can do is to invite you to get information for and against a sovereign Quebec.

Although I wish a winning “Yes”, I’d like you to remember that we must stand strong and together in defeat as in victory.