… Presented In Black And White

Wow! It was simply amazing. Last wednesday, I had the most magical moment of my life. It all started when one of my friends invited me to do some things outside because it was not raining (since 1 week and a half). Of course, I accepted… I needed to change my mind off the school.

We went to Photo Hénault, downtown Drummondville (rock on!), because he wanted to develop his films. The salesman told us that it would take 30 minutes. So we went to eat. On our way back to the store, he decided to buy black and white sheets to develop himself his photos in the darkroom of our college. Needless to say that I encouraged him, because I wanted to see what it was like to create “from scratch” your own photos.

I spent something like a total of 4 hours developping his photos (with him, of course… it was my first time). How magical it is to set your own contrast settings, exposing time, etc. He did some great shots too (especially the one with the bridge… how wonderful). That helped. Thanks to you C-A!

So now… I have to buy a 35mm SLR camera. I NEED to repeat that experience every once in a while. Why did people switched to digital? To see the result when you take the picture?! Hah… come on! Go back where you come from people, go back! 🙂