PHPQuébec->Drummondville() v.3

Well, the 3rd PHPQuébec meeting here in Drummondville has just finished. Glad to see that we were 2 more than the last one : 5 (not counting myself).

The subject I talked about was pretty simple, arrays, and I tought it was a really boring subject last night when I was writing my slides. So I decided to initiate all people that would come to the conference by teaching them a little PHP5’s new feature, the SPL. Yeah, I did a mysql resultset class that was accessible like an array. Not that much, but pretty interresting when you’re talking about a easy-to-understand subject like arrays.

I’m maybe gonna post the source code of the class I wrote on this very blog and my slides will be (I hope) available on the PHPQuébec’s website under the «Download» section.

For those of you who were listening to me, please give me your comments and suggestions for the future.
Thanks to all for coming.