Monthly Archives: May 2005

School’s almost done 2

The end of this school year approches very fast. I made up a nice list of quotes that reminds me something that appened this year. It goes like this in a disorganized order (note that some of them are in french and that some of them shouldn’t ring a bell to you because you don’t […]

MySQL’s 10th birthday 0

MySQL exists for 10 years now. It’s been quite a while since the first line of code was written and MySQL evolved a lot. For this occasion, Mike Zinner designed a mug (which is offered in normal and large size). On the front, you find the MySQL logo with the date of the anniversary and […]

It’s been 25 years 0

May 20th, 1980, the first referendum for a sovereign Quebec failed. I’m too young to remember that, of course, but I can express my deception. I don’t want to make a post filled with arguments against the “No”, but I just want the René Lévesque’s spirit to live again. He was a great man who […]

… Presented In Black And White 2

Wow! It was simply amazing. Last wednesday, I had the most magical moment of my life. It all started when one of my friends invited me to do some things outside because it was not raining (since 1 week and a half). Of course, I accepted… I needed to change my mind off the school. […]


I did a page on my blog where you can see the source of my MySQL resultset class that acts like an array by implementing some (3) SPL (Standard PHP Library) interfaces. I changed the code a little bit since yesterday (now it really works, except for the count() method as it’ll be available with […]