News About Myself.

I’m learning every day even if I do PHP since 2002-2003 (I don’t remember dates very well :P) and what I must say is that I’m going to make some nice pieces of code in the next… let’s say… summer. Well, what do you want, I’m a busy guy and school and my job are taking all my free time (god I wish I could speak about PHP stuff at some conferences).

Anyway, that’s all for now because I don’t want to reveal my projects (altough they are really simple).

I want to announce the next PHP Québec :: Drummondville meeting will be May 2nd at the Cegep de Drummond around 7 p.m. The subject(s) aren’t decided yet since I’m the only organiser/speaker for those monthly meetings. But I can’t tell that what I’m going to talk about will be very basic stuff (like “Strings In PHP” I did this month).

Hope to see you there ! Invite your friends and parents !