Educated people will never be beaten

Yup! Again!

Students at our school voted (51.6%) FOR continuing the strike. Needless to say that the offer Jean-Marc Fournier made about 1 week ago now is completely toughtless and absurd. I think we have proven that we won’t yield.

We had some great visit today : Xavier Lafrance and the spokeswoman of the CASSÉÉ. Great to see that.

** WOW ** As I were writing those words, I saw on TV that some policemen were striking on some students because they were about 200 blocking a building’s entry.
Damn! I don’t believe that. Since the beginning of this conflict, all the police force is against us. And… I didn’t hear anything about students doing some breakage. (But I can’t confirm that since I wasn’t there this afternoon)

A couple of hours ago (around 1 p.m.), high-school students joined us to protess. We went marching in Drummondville (wow! a town of 50000 people and we were there, marching, blocking traffic, shouting, yelling, etc.). We were about… I say 200, probably less, on the main boulevard of Drummondville having fun and noting that the population is still with us.

Anyway, this unlimited stike will probably stop by monday since we’re risking our winter session… and we don’t want that. Hope this will continue next automn.