A lil project of my own

During the PHP Québec 2005 conference, I had a very intense need to code. Anything. I would even code my own news module, but it would be useless. Unless, o’ course, I start to use some PEAR packages which would be new to me.

Anyway, I decided to help some friends of mine and me with a new application. It’ll hosts pictures and files for their blog entries (mostly on LiveJournal) instead of getting an account on some free hosting service. “But there’s already FlickR, ImageShack, and everything” you’ll say. Of course there is. But I have some ideas in mind that I’m not telling you for the moment (unless I have a/some comment(s) that tell(s) me to do telling ’em).

When I’ll finish those idea (in other words, the core of what will be my new application) I’ll tell you through this blog. Hope you’ll stay tuned to know what it is, because I’m pretty sure you’ll like it especially if you’re a programmer.